A Larieux Family Saga

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February 1, 2018 

She Loathes Him... 

He buys flesh and she despises him for it. A man of color, who enslaves his own kind is someone Yearie Hart can't abide. Yet, there is something about Benedicte Larieux that she finds intriguing. He is a wealthy businessman, a patriarch of one of the most influential families in all of New Orleans. She is a poor, free woman desperate to secure her family's freedom. They have nothing in common. Or so she thought until a chance meeting thrusts her into his privileged and controlled world. Faced with his blatant pursuit of her charms, she is caught in a tug of war between what her soul wants, and what her mind believes. Can she trust this man with her heart?

He Wants Her...

She is a laundress, a hired servant. Benedicte has no time to deal with the servant class. That is someone else's responsibility. Nor has he ever dallied with the help, it just isn't done. Yet her deep hazel eyes and the sway of her hips have him tempted to break his own rule. He has no business desiring her. They are from two different worlds. Bedding her would assuage his physical needs, but her feisty attitude and tenacious spirit could ensnare his heart. Will his overwhelming passion and his deep family secret destroy their tenuous bond? Or could his honesty allow her to open her heart to a union with a man who is unloved...

The Love of Benedicte

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Be on the lookout for the second book in the Larieux Family Saga debuting Winter 2019. 

Unloved : An African American Historical Romance

In a time of slavery, desperation, and uncertainty, the bonds of love and family prevail.