Book One in the Larieux Family Saga ebook available on Amazon and paperback available on website


The Bad Boy has finally arrived: Book Two in the Larieux Family Saga Series.

The Heart of Tomas

‚ÄčA Larieux Family Saga

In a time of slavery, desperation, and uncertainty, the bonds of love and family prevail.

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Book Two in the Larieux Family Saga ebook available on Amazon.

Untamed: An African American Historical Romance

She Secretly Wants Him... 

Being a lady of the night is not something that Babet wants, but being a wallflower isn't much better. Keeping secrets is what she does best, and the biggest is her longing for a man that does not notice her. Tomas Larieux is a rich, and handsome womanizer who desires Madame L; a card shark and part owner of the most infamous bawdy house in New Orleans. With Madame L. in his sight, Babet does not stand a chance of garnering Tomas's interest and doesn't have time to regret her loss. For an unexpected betrothal throws her well-laid plans into a tailspin. In a desperate attempt to keep her independence, she propels herself directly into Tomas's path. Faced with his vehemence, she must choose between protecting her secret, and her feelings, or revealing both in efforts to snare his heart.

He Wants Nothing To Do With Her...

Having a woman beneath him is the only thing that matters to Tomas. Not just any woman, Madame L. She is as elusive as she is beautiful. Relentless in his pursuit, he fails to attain her attention and finds himself in the company of Babet Leduc. A woman he is happy to ignore until a chance meeting has her barreling into his world, bringing his decadent lifestyle to a screeching halt. When destiny turns the tables, he faces things about himself he would rather forget. Will, a series of unfortunate events and a profound secret, threaten his existence, or will it bring order and love to a man who is untamed...